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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let me see if my computer will let me upload a few more Christmas pictures from my house :-)


Hope you enjoy.  Have more pictures, but figure that is plenty.  The painted Santa on my mantel was done by my father-in-law many years ago  He passed away 11 years ago and I wanted the Santa painted on slate to be in a special place this year to honor him.
Hello my friends,
My computer has not been so friendly for the last several months.  Guess Santa is going to have to bring me a new one.  This one is only 1 year old, but has never worked right.

Finally got my Christmas decorating done and I wanted to share a few pictures.  I just love this time of year.  I am making a few candles right now and my house is smelling so good and so "Christmasy".  H ope all of you are enjoying the season and and finding time to relax!

Well, dang!  Now my computer will only let me load these 3 pictures.   Will log off and try again.
 Smiles to all!