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Thursday, February 21, 2013

YEH! Wool Pictures Are Ready!

I have a ton of pictures to add. I really do love this wool dying. The results are always fun and sometimes surprising. Just the pieces you figured won't turn out as expected---turns out the best. I still have stacks of wool to measure, cut and put up for sale on my site...but here is a sample...

This is really a deep red . I can not figure how to take a photo with my Canon digital camera to show the reds as they really are.  Any help/suggestions are always  appreciated....

These 2 pieces are my favorites.  Overdyed a light tan with a Cocoa Brown and added a little very dark red in spots.  I have more of these to cut and get ready to put on my site for sale....

 This was a piece I overdyed.  The colors are actually deeper and darker, but when I tried to adjust the picture as I downloaded it, just did not look right.  Another picture taking adventure and mystery to solve!
Hope everyone will have a wonderful day.  My husbands birthday is Saturday and all our big weekend plans had to be changed due to the weather.  We have decided to combine our birthdays and have a "special" combined celebration of birthdays in the early part of Summer, when you don't have to worry about sleet/ice/snow!!!  :-)
Hugs to all,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wool on my Website

Hello my friends.  Just to let you know I am now posting some of my wool on my website and on Etsy tonight.  Will add a few pictures here and e-mail me if you are interested or check my website.

Thanks so much and HUGS and SMILES to everyone!

OOPS!!! need to go shrink some pictures!!  Files too big!!  More later!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More Wool Pictures

Another Pendelton Wool.  This is actually a very dark blue.  I will try to get a better picture tomorrow if we get some sunshine!!
A Pendelton Wool in deep shades of red.  I love this piece.  It is like the one I used on my Bunny Pillow
Just to show a "before" and 2 after pictures. 
I love dying wool!!!
Have a wonderful day.  Hopefully better pictures tomorrow and then I will list on my site.  Thanks for looking...

Hand-Dyed Brown over Tan Wool!

The clouds moved in way too fast today and it is raining like crazy.   I did manage to take a  few pictures of my hand-dyed wool that will be for sale on my site.  Just testing to see how the picture turned out.  This was tan wool that I overdyed in shades of brown.  This is  Pendelton Wool.

 If you see this before I get it listed, just shoot me an e-mail and it is yours......Thanks..


Monday, February 18, 2013

Pillow I finished using my hand-dyed wool!!

Just finished this pillow and I used my hand-dyed wool.  The red is really beautiful and doesn't show up in this picture as dark and yummy as it is.  The "reeds" are a deep green and the rabbit is all splotchy in a tannish color...

Stacks of My Hand- Dyed Wool !!

A nice, large stack of hand dyed wool that I have just finished.  Boy was this fun!!

  Lots of reds and greens and tans all splotchy and marbly and ready for rug hooking or wool applique.  I will be working on this tomorrow to cut and have ready for sale.  The large piece up front is actually a very soft yellow.  It is late and I had to use a flash..

I pulled a gray and a marbly dark tan/cocoa brown to make my next pillow....Still working on that design....


Hugs to all,