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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I am working on..

I have been really busy working on some wool projects and painting projects.  I have 4 pieces of furniture in various stages being worked on in the garage.  It has been so damp and misty, that I finally had to give up today and will wait on better weather.

 I will post a picture of a tool box I have worked on.  I picked it up at an antique "garage sale"..   It started out in really bad shape.  Old, dirty unfinished wood on front and back, 2 small pieces of painted wood on the side.  AND I loved the handle and the "nails" on the front and back.

 I did a light sanding to get rid of splinters, etc.  Stained it, but was not sure I  really liked,  HUM!   so I painted.  As I was painting, did not like color, so, OF COURSE,  blended my own color.  Loved it.  Decided it need "something else"....So I had been using one of the cheap mini sponge roller brushes on another piece of wood that I was painting black, so I took the almost dry roller brush and brushed the edges and top to "age" it.  Really cool!!! 

Don't know if the pictures show, but was easy and kept playing until I go the look I wanted...

Now all I have to do is seal this piece when the weather breaks.  Want a good seal as I might put plants in...OR I AM OPEN to suggestions!!
Have a fantastic day,