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Friday, April 19, 2013


I have finally had the time to get back to and "almost" finish my Watermellon Rug that I hooked in homespun.  Here is what I have so far:

Tails have not been trimmed yet and I had not decided on my border --how big or what color.  Yep that is my foot you see in the picture! 
 And our cat, Nikki,  had to get in the picture.   We call Nikki our "little old lady".  She is nearly 20 years old.  Her sister passed away 3 years ago.  Nikki thinks she is a kitten and runs around and plays--then sleeps for hours as she has exhausted herself!  She is too funny...
Tails trimmed and I decided to do black for the frame around the picture.  I did change this up a little from the original pattern.  I ended up hooking 3 rows of black as I think I am going to use this as a mat on a table I had made.  Pics when I finish....
Just so you can see the back of my hooked piece.  Lots of loose strings when using homespun on a rug hooking project.....
Well, my friends.  Hope you all have a fantastic day.  If I finish this project this weekend, I will post a picture. 
 I want to do an "art quilt" project next as far as sewing goes OH and a table runner.  But now that the weather is so nice, I am itching to get out in the garage and cut some wood.  First I am making a table riser for my kitchen table.  I have a runner I want to make, but I usually keep my trencher with dried goodies and my wood swan sitting in the trencher and that sits on top of the table cloth I usually use.  If I am making a runner, I want to see all my hand stitched pieces, so putting my trencher on a riser will expose more of the handwork..
It is just after 5:30 am and I have been up awhile--hope I am making sense!!
Have a beautiful day!