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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Penny Rug I Have been working On

I am like a dog with a bone when I start something and want to finish!!!

 I decided--weeks ago---I wanted a large, long penny rug mat for my kitchen island (hum! it is small and came from IKEA)..

Cut this mat about 34" long and I wanted to use a black background and a deep tan I had dyed for the larger penny and shades of deep red for the smaller pennys.  Decided to throw in some shades of "greenish plaids and brownish plaids as the colors did not seem right.  Then I decided to add 3 French knots in black in the center of each penny stack.  When I am done I will take a better picture and a close up!

 I am still playing around and everthing is just "laying" and Yep, I can see the rows are not straight, but this is what I have to far.  Determined to finish next week, but as they say--life keeps getting in my way!!
Here are some pictures of my progress!