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Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I am working on..

I have been really busy working on some wool projects and painting projects.  I have 4 pieces of furniture in various stages being worked on in the garage.  It has been so damp and misty, that I finally had to give up today and will wait on better weather.

 I will post a picture of a tool box I have worked on.  I picked it up at an antique "garage sale"..   It started out in really bad shape.  Old, dirty unfinished wood on front and back, 2 small pieces of painted wood on the side.  AND I loved the handle and the "nails" on the front and back.

 I did a light sanding to get rid of splinters, etc.  Stained it, but was not sure I  really liked,  HUM!   so I painted.  As I was painting, did not like color, so, OF COURSE,  blended my own color.  Loved it.  Decided it need "something else"....So I had been using one of the cheap mini sponge roller brushes on another piece of wood that I was painting black, so I took the almost dry roller brush and brushed the edges and top to "age" it.  Really cool!!! 

Don't know if the pictures show, but was easy and kept playing until I go the look I wanted...

Now all I have to do is seal this piece when the weather breaks.  Want a good seal as I might put plants in...OR I AM OPEN to suggestions!!
Have a fantastic day,


  1. Love it! There are so many possibilities for that box! But plants are always good.

  2. Thank you so much. I appreciate your response. Plants always work! Still "pondering" what to do...I can not seal the wood yet, as it has been misty and rainy and quite dreary for 2 days now. Everything I have been painting in my garage is tacky to the touch! 2 more days of rain here in Virginia.
    HUM! Might have to move my old crocks and put by my fireplace for the Spring. Add some greenry (fake as my cat would love to eat!) and one of my bunnys. Just a thought :-)