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Thursday, February 21, 2013

YEH! Wool Pictures Are Ready!

I have a ton of pictures to add. I really do love this wool dying. The results are always fun and sometimes surprising. Just the pieces you figured won't turn out as expected---turns out the best. I still have stacks of wool to measure, cut and put up for sale on my site...but here is a sample...

This is really a deep red . I can not figure how to take a photo with my Canon digital camera to show the reds as they really are.  Any help/suggestions are always  appreciated....

These 2 pieces are my favorites.  Overdyed a light tan with a Cocoa Brown and added a little very dark red in spots.  I have more of these to cut and get ready to put on my site for sale....

 This was a piece I overdyed.  The colors are actually deeper and darker, but when I tried to adjust the picture as I downloaded it, just did not look right.  Another picture taking adventure and mystery to solve!
Hope everyone will have a wonderful day.  My husbands birthday is Saturday and all our big weekend plans had to be changed due to the weather.  We have decided to combine our birthdays and have a "special" combined celebration of birthdays in the early part of Summer, when you don't have to worry about sleet/ice/snow!!!  :-)
Hugs to all,

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