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Monday, May 6, 2013

FINALLY working on a table runner!

Been wanting to get to this for awhile now.  Here are a few pictures of my table runner I am making.  I used Maggie Bonanomi's pattern from her book "Comfort Zone"....but I am going to finish it off a bit different.  This is what I have so far and will be stitching it down.  Will play with the runner and let you know what I will be doing to finish it off.  Have 2 pictures.  One with everything just layed in place and one with it pinned down.  Am excited about this one and my idea to finish it!!! 

OH, please excuse the messy pictures...just put on the floor!!!!

Hope all of you have a wonderful day and enjoying some spring-like weather....

Please check back to see what I am doing with this one!!  Oh, I just love wool...
Be Safe my friends,

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