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Monday, October 8, 2012


Do you have one of those projects that you start and just never finish...well, to be honest I have a few.  But I started a needle punch Halloween piece probably 4 years ago--maybe even longer than that.  A dear friend gave me the piece and I got about 1/2 of it done and just quit.  I decided I just did not enjoy needlepunch as much as I thought I would and my hats off to all that enjoy this artform.  Maybe I would enjoy more if I did it more.  But I really got tired of rethreading that needle!!

Anyway,  I finally finished and had intended to frame my "masterpiece".  It is an odd size of 5" x 5" and I did not like how it looked in a frame.  I ended up cutting it down and made a small pillow tuck that I backed in black wool.  Looking back, I should have made the "pillow tuck" bigger by adding strips of wool to frame the piece then back it with the black wool ....   But I love it and I will enjoy pulling this out every Fall and remembering how long it took me to finish this piece..

Do you have a piece you took forever to finish....love to hear your stories....


 how it looks in my kitchen.  I also did the rug hooked pumpkin piece on the shelf above the needlepunch piece.  I really love to rug hook.  I just dyed some white wool a pumpkin color with dark and light shades...  and am going to draw a pumpkin and crow to rug hook.  Will add my wool dyeing pictures next as I love how the color turned out  and I will show the progress of my rug hooking!! 

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