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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just finished this wooly sheep and her blanket with pennys!


Been rainy, chilly here in Williamsburg, Va. for days and days......So I decided today was a "me" kind of day.  Make something I have been wanting to make.  I love sheep (and crows and saltbox houses :-) and so on)...  So I took 2 different patterns and a stitchery pattern and came up with this gal.....and since it is cold--she had to have a blanket with some pennys on it.. Just finished and I took quick pictures.  Yep, the pictures are not very good, but here she is....  I am going to draw my pattern for my rug hooking pumpkin and crow and get my rug hooking together.  Then I think I will make my sheep gal another quick blanket, but maybe a bit longer on the sides.  I want to put a pumpkin on this one--for Fall......    She will fit right in now and then I will make her a Christmas blanket.... Oh, what fun!!!  
I know I said I would add the pictures I took of my pumpkin dyed wool and I will add tomorrow... Until then, everyone have a fantastic day.....  Sunshine is being sent your way--even if  like us here in VA. , you haven't seen the sun in days!  Margaret

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