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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some pictures of my Easter Decorating....

I realized that I had not taken any pictures of my Easter decorating this year.  Changed things up a  little.  I don't do pastels, but Easter decorating seems to lend itself to lighter colors...I took quick pictures--so don't look too close at any "messyness" in my rooms!!  Some of my items are really old and not too pretty--but just can not get rid of...have sentimental value and that is important!

I think the sun came out (for a change) as I was taking this picture.  Excuse the glare..Should have done a close up of the mantel.  I have these really grubby, big carrots on each side.  The basket is filled with violets and the basket on the left side of the mantel is filled with painted eggs.  The basket in front of the fireplace has some chicks I made of muslin and painted and also some eggs... I also made the big floppy earred rabbit.  He is painted and grubby also...

I love the little "villages"...can not see this one very well--sorry.  It is cute..

Pillow I made--wool applique and on the seat of the chair is a little rug hooked piece..
One of my table centerpieces...I made the "wabbit".  He has curly wire legs that are so cute.  Eggs are prim painted and made the mini- carrots.
I love decorating this old breadbox.  I painted the bunny on the wood bowl...
This is one of my "breadboards" that I make and paint.  I went to the "dollar store" and got bunches of the yellow flowers and added them here and there to brighten up a spot...Yellow flowers scream spring to me!!
More spring flowers to brighten my kitchen.  Flowers are sitting on a penny rug that I made...
I just love this floppy eared bunny.  In my kitchen where I can see him...
I did take more pictures, but don't want to bore anyone!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. 
Hugs to all,


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