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Thursday, March 28, 2013


I love to rug hook....I did a pumpkin pillow years ago using homespun cotton instead of wool and I enjoyed the look of the pillow.  Prim and very "old looking".

  Have been wanting to do another piece and found a pattern for a watermellon in an old Create and Decorate magazine....and decided this was it!!

Had pattern and homespun on my cutting table for weeks ....so today I found a few hours  to go to town...here is what I have done so far...

My black "seeds" and just starting the watermellon in a red and creamy checked homespun.
Filling  in ....
Red checked finished and added the deep green rind....
Have background to finish and border and the words "watermellon" in black  ....Background is a creamy tan fabric with green stirpes --like a ticking fabric.  Then border in  either the red or deep green.  or both..will play with that.
After I am done, I am going to spray with a dark coffee mixture...to "prim" up just a bit!!!
May be a larger, long pillow or a mat??  will see..
Have a wonderful evening my friends,


  1. I love it !
    You will have to teach me sometime ..would like to learn more.

    Happy Easter !

  2. Mandy, Thank you so much.... I would love to teach you. Lots of fun and using homespun gives a very different look and texture to a piece. Hope to work on some more next week and maybe finish???? We will get together soon...Margaret