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Thursday, May 23, 2013

FINISHED my table runner!

As I last "reported", I was working on my tablerunner from a pattern by Maggie Bonanomi.  I was talking about how I was going to finish up this piece--a little different.

Well, as we all know--sometimes it just doesn't work out like we imagined....My plan was to add a row on each end of the runner.  I was going to take wool colors from my "leaves" and put together a wool strip of squares" to tie everything together.  NOT! Really did not like the look..

Next idea--just choose one color and do a "wavy" strip of wool to add at the end.  NOT...did not like that look.

I think with Maggie's pattern--the beauty is in the "simplicity" of the look.  At least that was my opinion...adding any more actually took away from the look of the runner.

This black wool is on the thinner side.  I cut another piece for backing and put a little light interfacing between the two...sewed together and turned inside out.  NOT......I do not have a "walking foot" and the wool kept bunching up no matter what I did. 

NOW that was a pain in the neck to rip out.....but I did. 

IN the end I decided I would simply roll the wool to the back and handstitch.  So the edges are very neat and tidy....

Lesson learned----next runner I will use a coat weight wool for my runner and not have to worry about it feeling too "whimpy".....But no matter I do love it...

Took quick pictures and they are not great...but here is what it looks like....
Excuse all the light on the back of the picture.  After many days of lots of rain--the sun peaked out and thankfully flooded my kitchen windows with light...No complaints about that!!!  Just makes a funky picture :-)
I am working on 3 table risers....One for me for this table.  I want to have my wood trencher with my goose sitting in it, on this table as always.  I just change the "innerds" of the trencher with the season.  I will use the table riser so you can see the handwork of the runner and still use my wood trencher!!  Win-win!
Have a wonderfu day.....lot of new things to post next time...Enjoy your day and a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend..

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