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Friday, May 31, 2013

Table Risers are DONE!!!

If I can load my pictures right....you can see the progress of my table risers....I made 3, with one a bit shorter in length than the others. 

Here's what I do:
Decided on length,  width and height I want my piece to be. OH and of course DESIGN...I wanted these to be fairly simple and look HANDMADE.....and of course oldish!!
Cut wood to size.  I use pine...
Sand the dickens out of pieces.  I have a sander, but always finish each piece with sanding some by hand...
I wanted the legs to be slightly in from the edge of the top, so I measured and cut accordingly.
Marked where I wanted the legs to go
Drilled pilot holes in the top piece
Glued and nailed legs in place
Sand, Sand, Sand until I am pleased with how it all looks
Base coat black.  I used the chalkboard paint for these because I had it and it  has a very flat look.
Top coat I dry brush on and I am not covering completely.  I call it my "slap happy painting".
Sand each piece by hand.  Sand edges and I like to sand the centers--like someone has been stepping on it...Just sand and work until you are happy with the results.
Stain.  I used minwax--dark walnut, I think. 
Let Dry....
Apply paste wax.  let it set for about 10 minutes and buff, buff, buff by hand with an old, soft cloth..
I applied a 2nd coat to the top...no paticular reason, just did :-)

I forgot and only took pictures just after painting.  Then the 2nd picture is the finished table riser..

Mustard over Black

Deep red over black

Deep forest green

Thanks for stopping by.  If anyone wants more detailed info on what I did, just e-mail me..
Have a fantastic weekend.

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