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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I FOUND!!

We went up to  Pa. this past weekend to vist family.  We got to see a the neatest "small town" Memorial Day Parade.  I had so much fun...

Then as we watched the parade, out of the corner of my eye, I saw IT --a very small--antique shop.  I swore I would only spend 5 minutes as we were on our way to see my husbands' mother at a nursing home.  Well 5 minutes did stretch into 15, but you have never seen anyone go as fast as I did....The owners, were just laughing at me.  I left some things I wished we had grabbed, but there will be another time!!!

NOw if I had been smart, I would have grouped everything together and just taken one picture, but no, I did not....


Isn't this pricless!!!  Hand painted on an old board.  It came from Rhode Island...I just love the split in the wood on the right side....just needed  a bit of cleaning up....
All cleaned up...you probably can't tell, but believe me it made a difference.  I added a coat of Johnson's finishing paste wax for some protection.  Hand rubbed it in.  I think it will have a home on the wall going up my family room stairs.  will take another picture when I decide...
NEXT Treasure:

My original idea was to unscrew the top and put American Flags in it and put on my mantel.  WELL, no way.  The top is rusted and painted on.  But love it anyway.  Put it on a shelf---as if I need more things!!!

AFTER!!!   nothing like a little cleaning and restaining....hated to, but had to sand a few very rough parts.....AGAIN, when placed in their new home--will take a picture!
Front of Flour Sack...and this baby is HUGE!!
Back side of Flour Sack.....I fell in love with the little boy on the front side.  NOW what to do with this.....The picture and print is going the wrong way to leave as is and make a huge pillow.   I was thinking of  cutting in half and making a pillow of the little boy using the front half and wrapping the top and bottom around to the back as the backing of the pillow.....if that makes sense...So the little boy will be facing the right direction and centered on the front.  Then I will still have the other printed side of the flour sack with the CRESOtA wording on it....JUST have to decide what to do!!!

ANY suggestions?????  Love to hear....

I spent some time last week making 3 wood table risers and finishing up a box I had bought....  All is painted and stained and waiting to dry.  Will hand rub the paste wax tomorrow.  Must be 90 in my garage and I was "melting".....When I finish I will post pictures...

Until then, take care my friends and have a great afternoon..

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