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Friday, September 21, 2012

How I got my Blog Name

Karen, from KM Primitives has a really interesting contest going on--how did you come up with your blog name!!   Great idea, right.    One I can not wait to read the results of.  So here I go with my little story. 

My name is actually Margaret, not Tilly. I started this blog in 2010.   For me, I wanted my blog name and my "business" name  to be the same.  So why did a Margaret call herself  Tilly from "Tilly's Farm House" ???

We are a military family and we would move ever 2 to 3 years--one move came after only 6 months.  Not as bad as it sounds, but hard when you are trying to have any type of "business".  With every move,  I would "try" on a new name for my business--which were storefronts and craft shows over the years.  Every move started a new game of "what should I name my business this time?"...  My poor husband and son had to participate every time.You wouldn't believe some of the business names I have "tired on" over the years!!    

When we moved to Virginia and I decided to start a blog and sell on ETSY, I knew I had to pick a name and stick with it---not that I haven't tried to change it several times again.  I am HOPELESS!!!

Being as old as I am :-)  (smiles!!!), I started to reflect on "where I came from".  My Mother's side of the family had some wonderfully talented women.    I can still see myself as a young child staring at all the beautiful samplers and pillows made with hand dyed threads, the lace that was hand made and sewn to dresses and so many other beautiful works of art.  All of which are long gone now and only a memory for me.  My mother had a favorite Aunt Tilly- a spinster who lived with her spinster sister way out in the country, in Ohio where I was raised,  in a beautiful old farm house that I always loved and dreamed that one day I would live in something like it.    I decided I  wanted to try and honor all these wonderful women who have  inspired me and came before me,   by naming my business after my great Aunt Tilly and her beautiful old Farm House--thus "Tilly's Farm House" was born...

NOW for the funny part of the story--as every story has one.  Although Aunt Tilly was my Mom's favorite, she scared the " begeebies" out of everyone.  She and her sister only wore dresses that covered them from the neck to their ankles as "proper women" did not show skin.  I am one of 8 kids and she would have a fit when my Dad would take all of us (4 boys and 4 girls) down to the creek to swim and cool off on the hot days of Summer.  "You know boys and girls can not swim in the same area" she would say.  My sweet daddy  took us anyway and would just listen to her rant and rave!!  So my Mom's "Great Aunt Tilly" was  a fiesty old lady, but I owe her and  ALL the other wonderful, talented women in the family, a great debt of gratitude.  

Don't have a picture of my real
Aunt Tilly, but I love this
one.  AND she is smiling!


    And for joining in My Colonial Home Challenge...I so appreciate it.
    Your story is wonderful - I love that you have honored those before you.

  2. What a wonderful story ..I love the name Tilly .
    Am liking the new look on your page :)

  3. Love your story! And I love the name Tilly...I just became your newest follower...Blessings...Pam