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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Pictures of wool.

So here are more results.  Again, the camera does not do the color justice.  I have to figure that one out.  All in all, I am loving the results.  I know I am using the dark green as a background for a class I am teaching on wool applique.  It will be a holiday pillow with snowman faces on the front.  The plain dark red will be the background for another class and the holiday pillow will be the words "JOY" that will be a wool applique and I think I want to add some candy canes that we will needle punch on.  Have some playing to do!!! 

The deep cranberry red started as a light tan.  Put it in the pot with the plain purple plaid (2nd picture).  Added red and simmered away.....I kept watching until it turned a really deep red.  Added my vinegar and simmered another 20 minutes or so.  Then shut the stove off and let it all cool down.  When it felt cool enough, I dumped the water out, continued to cool, rinsed, got as much water out as I could, then into the dryer with a dryer sheet, an old white towel and a tennis ball (to help fluff)...I am loving it!!!
The bottom two pictures are what happened in the Rit green dye pot.  The green is really a very deep green.  Again, sorry about the pictures.....   I threw in that small piece of  purple plaid into the green pot as I had a lot of color left.  Again, I am loving that color. 

So if you have some wool you really don't like.  I recommend grabbing some Rit dye, old pots and just have some fun.  If you don't like the results, dye again!!!

Smiles going out to everyone!  Have a fantastic day.....





  1. Good morning - I will call you Tilly as I know no other name than what your blog is called.
    I see you became one of my followers and I just wanted to thank you...I had a hard time finding you because when I clicked on your photo in my followers - there wasn't any information - so it was a search...BUT I FOUND YOU... hope you don't mind.
    Your wools are wonderful. Such a job over dying - what a job but wonderful success.
    I am going to start following you and I hope to see you back to visit me!

  2. Opps...me again...I just looked when I did my 'following' you and I see your name is Virginia...goodness I didn't search hard enough I guess...lol