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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I did with my wool

Storm has passed and now on to the dying of wool.  As I said, I like simple.  I am by no means an expert, but I have really enjoyed dying wool using many different methods.  What I am showing you now are the results of using Rit Dye in a box--well, the red was from the liquid Rit bottle, but I like the powder dye the best.  Several years ago,  I got a lot of wool from our Pendelton Store --they were no longer selling their wool off the bolt.  The colors weren't the best, but I knew I could dye over them.  Worked on a few batches over the weekend and this is what I got.  I first soaked my wool in a little "jet dry" and water for a few hours.  I was cooking breakfast, etc. so just let all my wool hang out in the sink for awhile.
Color Before
Adding Rit dye in a Golden Yellow
I added a whole box and then some....WAY too much as I
had a lot of dye color left in the pot...Lesson learned after that!

A slow simmer on my stove.  I just kept watching it.
Probably simmered a good 30 minutes or so before
I added vinegar and simmered some more.
Color After.  The camera does not do the color justice, but I
don't know how to really show the color.  I laid the wool on my off  white
carpet.  The  blue turned into various shades of green.  The tans turned
into the most beautiful shades of golden brown leaning towards burnt orange.
I love it.  Now I am looking for ideas of what to do.  Rug hooking
a Fall piece, wool applique???   IDEAS please!! 


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